Student Ticket Lottery Information

We’ve made some changes to our student lottery to make getting tickets even easier than before. It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4.

  1. Sign up for the lottery
  2. Win the lottery
  3. Print your ticket
  4. Come to the Game

It really is as simple as that. Instructions and a brief FAQ are below.

  1. Sign up for the lottery
    • Log in with your University PID and password to sign up. You will need to use Two-Factor Authentication to sign up.
    • Lottery sign-up dates will be listed for each game.
    • Games will be accessible until the published cut-off date.
    • Only sign up for games you wish to attend.
  2. Win the lottery
    • Lottery sign-ups will end approximately 4 days before each game.
    • The next morning after signups close, the lottery is run and winning entries are randomly selected.
  3. Print your ticket
    • Once tickets have been assigned to your account, you will receive a notification that it’s ready to be printed.
    • Log in to access your account and print your ticket.
  4. COME TO THE GAME! Gates open two hours before kick-off for football, 90 minutes before tip-off for basketball.
    • The ticket you printed in step 3 is your ticket to the game. Please present at the door for admission.

Away game tickets are not available through the Virginia Tech Athletic Ticket Office.

Student tickets are only to be used by current Virginia Tech students. It is acceptable to give your ticket to another student so they can attend the game in your place provided the ticket is not altered or duplicated.

Individuals that sell or attempt to sell a student ticket for more than face value are in violation of Virginia Tech Athletics' student ticket use guidelines. Individuals that are found in violation of this guideline are subject to loss of ticket privileges.

Individuals that alter, duplicate, attempt to alter, attempt to duplicate, or use an altered or duplicated student ticket are in violation of Virginia Tech Athletics' student ticket use guidelines. Individuals that are found in violation of this guideline are subject to loss of ticket privileges.

Don't miss out on exciting home games because the deadline slipped by you. Sign up to receive a text message reminder before the lottery window(s) close.

Simply text HOKIES to 83200 to sign up.

You can expect a reminder text message between 12-24 hours before the student lottery closes ahead of football and men's basketball games.

Standard message & data rates may apply. You may text STOP to quit.

Lottery FAQ

Who can use the lottery?
Any full-time Virginia Tech student that has paid the athletic fee. Part-time students are eligible if they pay the optional athletic fee during the semester in which the lottery is being conducted and/or the game is played.

I’ve missed the lottery cut-off date, can I still sign up?
No. Once the lottery cut-off has passed, no additional students will be allowed into the lottery. However, if there are still tickets remaining after the lottery, all eligible students will be notified when and how to pick-up.

I’ve won the lottery, do I still need to print out the ticket and bring it to the game?
Yes. We currently do not have the technology to scan cell phones, nor student ID’s for entrance into sporting events. Should this change in the near future we will notify you of the new availability. Until then, simply log in to your lottery page and print your ticket prior to coming to the game.

How do I sit with my friends?

Due to general admission seating, students who wish to sit together must enter the game together. There is no need to "group" order season tickets. That functionality is not needed with general admission seating.

I signed up for a game and now I can’t go, what should I do?
Each game may be edited until the lottery cut-off date. So as long as the lottery hasn’t closed yet, you can remove yourself from consideration by logging back into the lottery page and unselecting the game you need to change. Due to the limited number of student tickets, we encourage you to only sign-up for games you intend to attend. If you’ve already signed up for a game and find out you can’t attend, please log back into the system and remove your name from the lottery so another student can use the ticket.

If you can not attend a game after you've already won the lottery, feel free to give your ticket to another student who would like to go. Any student with a valid Hokie Passport may use a student ticket. The name on a student ticket does not have to match the Hokie Passport used with the ticket.

If you sign up for the lottery and win a ticket, but realize you can no longer attend that specific game, you will have until 8:00 a.m. two days prior to the game to indicate you do not want the ticket

  • After that time, the option is no longer available, and you will automatically default to "yes, I want the ticket" and receive the lottery ticket by 8 p.m. two days prior to the game.
  • The tickets "returned" in the first wave will then be re-issued to students who entered the lottery but did not win in Wave 1.
  • Wave 2 will run and those winners will be notified that they have a ticket. The Wave 2 winners will not have the option to return the ticket, as the game will occur within the next day or two.

This process, based on student feedback, is to help ensure the most seats possible are occupied on game days. Cassell is rocking when we pack the student section!

As instituted last year, students who win lottery tickets and do not use them will be warned and may lose access to sign up for future lotteries.

  • After first no-show: a warning
  • After second no-show: a second warning sent
  • Third no-show: student ineligible to sign up for and win the lottery for remainder of the MBB season

How the TWO-WAVE works with this policy:

  • If you win a ticket in Wave 1, and opt to return ticket – this does not count as no show
  • If you win in Wave 2, and can not attend – this does not count as a no show

In all cases, we encourage you to give your student ticket to another Virginia Tech student so we can pack Cassell as much as possible! In order for your attendance to be counted and not count as a no-show, you must have your ticket scanned and arrive prior to halftime.

How will I know when my ticket is ready?
You will get an email from the system once tickets for a game are posted and ready to be printed. If you miss the email, simply login to the lottery page to check your status, or print your ticket.